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VERY RARE  - (click on title to download tune in MIDI piano format)



1.    Banderillas De Fuego.  Paso Doble

2.    A Pie.  Danzon

3.    Cara Sucia.  Danzon

4.    When You And I Were Seventeen

5.    La Virgen de Regla.   Danzon

6.    No Bebas Mars.  Danzon

7.    Marcheta

8.    In Shadowland

9.    La Danza de Las Libelulas.  Fox Trot

10. Carmen.  Danzon


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88 Note, Duo-Art and Welte-Mignon (Licensee) player pianos.


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We are a small concern located in Atlanta, Georgia dedicated to creating limited edition 88 Note, Duo-Art, Ampico and Welte player piano rolls of the highest quality.  “Meliora" is Latin, and means "Better Things" - It is our creed and guidepost.


In addition to our original performances for 88 note, Duo-Art and Welte-Mignon (Licensee) player pianos (click here for our ‘permanent catalog’ of original performances), we seasonally offer recuts of historic recordings for the Duo-Art, Welte-Mignon (Licensee) and Ampico reproducing pianos.  Check back on this page regularly to see what we are offering, or send us an email and ask to be notified when we are offering a specific format (or formats) of reproducing roll.




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